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Our Officers, Chairs and Board

Jill Joplin | DBA President

As a long-time resident of the City of Decatur and director of the DeKalb Library Foundation, I am committed to the city and businesses and organizations in Decatur. In my professional and personal life, I enjoy making connections and working together with others on behalf of a good cause. I look forward to this year with a new focus for the Decatur Business Association (DBA).

Sean Crotty | President-elect

Since 2019, I’ve owned and operated Kelly’s Market, drawing on a 25-year career in the consumer-packaged goods industry. From driving delivery trucks to negotiating contracts with major retail chains, my diverse experience forms a solid foundation for running a small business, knowledge I aim to share with the DBA.

Raised in a close-knit community, fostering similar connectivity in Decatur is vital to me. This shared sense of community is what makes doing business in Decatur special. I advocate for the DBA to nurture connections at all levels and provide resources for our thriving business community.

Having joined the DBA early in my business journey, I’ve witnessed our collective resilience in overcoming challenges and charting a course for continued success. I take pride in being part of this journey and am enthusiastic about our bright future in supporting local businesses.

Caroline Ficken | Secretary

With almost a decade of experience in small business marketing, I am committed to nourishing the local business community through creative collaboration and storytelling.

After I obtained my Master of Arts in Writing & Digital Communication in the heart of Decatur at Agnes Scott College, I launched Decatur City Lifestyle — a monthly magazine that promotes local Decatur businesses, fosters community, and tells the stories of this great city. I am honored to be part of this incredible team dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and strengthening their networks.

Maria A. Álvarez | Treasurer

I have lived in Decatur for almost five years, and as a dynamic community leader and founder of Placita Latina, I drive the success of the Hispanic Heritage Month festival. As DBA treasurer, I foster collaboration, and as OUT Georgia’s 2023 treasurer and 2024 president, I revived business luncheons, enhancing LGBTQ+ engagement.

Owner of My Virtual CFO – ATL, with 20+ years in finance, I maximize profits and reduce costs. My commitment to community service spans LGBTQ+ organizations, Covenant House, and treasurer roles for non-profits. A global traveler, I advocate for inclusion, leaving an indelible mark on Decatur’s growth and unity.

Currently on DBA board (2023-2024 Treasurer), Placita Latina (founder), OUT Georgia (2023 Treasurer, 2024 President), Decatur Rotary (2024-2025), The Decatur Land Trust, and Comunidad Connect. While traveling, I offset CO2 and prep meals for the needy.

Nataly Baiz | Marketing & Communications Chair

With more than 24 years of expertise in strategic marketing, business development, digital marketing, and communication, I’m committed to leveraging my skills for the benefit of Decatur’s community and small businesses.

As the owner of Decatur Healing Arts, my passion for community support and healing aligns seamlessly with my goal of providing respectful employment. Guiding individuals on their healing journey is not just my work; it’s my purpose.

With a proven track record in key roles at Boehringer Ingelheim, Yellow Pages, Bayer, L’Oreal, and William Grant’s & Sons, I bring valuable experience in leading revenue-generating campaigns. Thrilled to serve the Decatur Business Association, let’s contribute to the growth and prosperity of local businesses, making a positive impact on our community.

Shannon Lubell | Education Chair

With more than twenty years’ experience in corporate, municipal, non-profit, and small business, training and education have been a common thread throughout my career.

Having returned to Decatur in 2023 after spending five years in Berlin, Germany, I know how crucial networking and know-how are to thriving. I’m particularly interested in helping Decatur businesses find training, support, and community to enhance their understanding of today’s ever changing business landscape.

Being back in Decatur reminds me how incredible our community is, especially when we work together. I am committed to helping businesses find ways to fill the gaps that might be holding them back.

Let’s connect and thrive together!

Shakela Ayton

Hello, I’m Shakela Ayton, proudly serving as a member of the Membership Committee on the Decatur Business Association board. With a robust background spanning over two decades in the hospitality industry, my most recent role was as the opening Director of Sales for Vision Hospitality’s Hampton Inn & Suites Decatur/Emory.

I bring a wealth of insights into the pulse of our local business landscape, driven by a genuine commitment to fostering connections and facilitating growth within our community. My journey to the DBA is fueled by a deep-seated desire to see local businesses not just survive but truly thrive.

Having assumed various leadership roles throughout my career, I am enthusiastic about leveraging my skills to contribute meaningfully to the DBA’s mission of cultivating a robust and dynamic business community in Decatur. Beyond the professional sphere, I cherish moments spent with my husband and two daughters, and I find relaxation in exploring new destinations.

Being a part of the DBA is an honor, and I eagerly anticipate the collaborative effort to elevate our community. Let’s work together to make Decatur a place where businesses flourish, and aspirations evolve into tangible achievements.

Tammy Washington

Marcia Lampe

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