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Decatur Business Tips

Doing business in Decatur means:

  • Resources and services to help you meet all your business challenges.
  • Sharing information, experiences and promotional opportunities with a seasoned group of business owners.
  • Belonging to an established business community with an ever-widening metro clientele.
  • Participating in popular community events and activities that attract more customers.

Decatur’s commercial districts are a highly successful mix of locally owned shops and restaurants, corporate restaurants and retail, art galleries, and a variety of other enterprises. The Decatur Business Association provides special benefits, resources and promotional opportunities to hundreds of members from this vibrant business community.

If you are considering opening a new business in Decatur – or moving an existing one to Decatur – the city’s Community and Economic Development Department is happy to provide information and assistance. Contact 404-371-8386 or

The DBA is also happy to answer your questions: 404-371-8386 or